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When to choose selection of framework

Vikas S Post on 24/10/2019


I didnot work on Keyword and Hybrid framework, As a learner i am asking when to use the framworks in between those i.e, Datadriven, POM, Keyword driven, Hybrid and Specflow. Because Why i am asking is that is, When i start creating an architecture of any project what should i need to understand to select the framework in between. 

Support Team Reply on 06/11/2019

if generally if project is unsatable then we go for data driven framework as its easy to change

If stable then you can go for hybrid

POM can also be used any where but is preferred when pages of sites are similar... like ecommerce sites which have simlar pages and only products differ

There is no hard line to use any framework at any point. You come accross situations in which one can use any framework