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Christopher Ugochukwu Anajemba Post on 22/04/2019


I implemented the date method you demonstrated on one of your videos but it keeps returning a single value 01/01/001; It always moves backward to "01/01/001" even if the excel date column says otherwise. could you please help out. Thanks.

Support Team Reply on 23/04/2019

Please let us know your code

Also you can download the code made in videos. You can compare your code to it

I am sure you will find and resolve the issue

Christopher Ugochukwu Anajemba Reply on 27/04/2019

It's resolved

code from the video (which didn't work for me) : DateTime dateToBeSelected = Convert.ToDateTime(date);

modified code (Works for me using a dictionary in the function) : DateTime dateToBeSelected = Convert.ToDateTime(testData["ClosingDate"]);