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Regarding Choosing project between Nunit and Normal Project

Vikas S Post on 19/02/2019


Actaully while I am watching module 16 in the framework In Part -1 Video, you are selecting Nunit project. I just confused over selecting project at what suituations i have to choose Nunit project and Normal Project. What is the main difference between them to choose. Please tell me, waiting for your reply.



gunjan Reply on 26/02/2019

NUnit is a testing framework. If you want to automate your project, you will have to go with NUnit project which provides you some annotation that will help you test your project more efficiently and effectively.

From the development point of view, we need to create normal project and write the code over there.

Vikas S Reply on 26/02/2019

Hi Gunjan,

Yes, you have created some projects with normal class not nunit, we can also work on normal project for selenium c# for example i can say is 


1. open browser.

2. Enter Url

3. Click on button 


the above steps you have created in normal project only but not in nunit project but why it is..

If any thing please give some example to understand better.






gunjan Reply on 27/02/2019

Yes, you can make a normal project and execute your test. But in order to automate an application using selenium, we neeed to use some testing framework to make use of some annotations and some extra features through which we can add some extra functionalities to our project and execute it. So, in that case, we use NUnit as the testing framework.

Vikas S Reply on 27/02/2019

Ok Thank u