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Vikas S Posted on 24/10/2019


I didnot work on Keyword and Hybrid framework, As a learner i am asking when to use the framworks in between those i.e, Datadriven, POM, Keyword driven, Hybrid and Specflow. Because Why i am asking is that is, When i start creating an architecture of any project what should i need to understand to select the framework in between. 

Ashish Replied on 06/11/2019

if generally if project is unsatable then we go for data driven framework as its easy to change

If stable then you can go for hybrid

POM can also be used any where but is preferred when pages of sites are similar... like ecommerce sites which have simlar pages and only products differ

There is no hard line to use any framework at any point. You come accross situations in which one can use any framework

Vikas S Replied on 03/03/2020

Is we can selection Specflow with Datadriven alone. Pageobject model is require with Specflow and Datadriven give me some overall concept your series of videos are getting confused so lot of confusion in my mind now. As a trainer you people guide this with clarity. Clarity is must so then we can proceed with Framwork next and your answer should give me some confidence so here it is like video seriesd you try to teach is not in correct manner so i couldnoty understand why because you are teaching is example by example but i saw some course but there they have clearly explained why the framework is required and with what type we can developed the framework i mean to say how can we develop by using datadriven with same project and Page object model with same project and also specflow. Then how it is vary from one to one. How to implement so i thought like i was struck. So i planned to take another course. So i am disspointed.

Md Shafikul Islam Replied on 11/04/2020

I am disappointed any of the framework here. Don't expect any help from trainer, even it is paid. You can not  configure GRID, you can not even do Parallel execution. I am in big trouble after developing Hybrid Framework. I have got zero help so far. I am frustrated. It is very difficult to reach Ashish.