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XSLT Report Generate and Practice link Required

AMIT GUPTA Post on 07/05/2019

Dear Team ,

Could you please help me to share part number with module name where i can get complete information for understanding the concept of XSLT Report if you explain becasue i want to understand the 'XSLT Report Generation ' concept and also want summary report of automation result in below format . If i have automation result in html format could i convert html report to xslt report for getting summary (Total number of test case passed and failed ) with below format .If you have a code please share with me .Your help is highly appreciated to get code for getting report in below format .in XSLT Report how can i count how many test case as passed and failed from gtml report


Apart from this :- Could you share be all valuable link where i can get somany bulk programming code example with many scenarion for making more practice as beginner.

My auromation result :- Want to convert this report to XSLT report with same below XSLR report format.