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M Prabhaharan Posted on 17/07/2020

Created on Apr 16, 2020

@author: prabha
import pytest
def smart():
global a,b
a = input("Enter variable 1 : ")
b = input("Enter variable 2 : ")

def test_case_add(smart):
result = int(a) + int(b)
print("the Output is : " +str(result))

def test_case_difference(smart):
result = int(a) - int(b)
print("the Output is : " +str(result))

def test_case_product(smart):
result = int(a) * int(b)
print("the Output is : " +str(result))

def test_case_div(smart):
result = int(a) * int(b)
print("the Output is : " +str(result))



platform win32 -- Python 3.7.6, pytest-5.3.5, py-1.8.1, pluggy-0.13.1
rootdir: C:\Users\prabha\eclipse-workspace\SeleniumPython
plugins: allure-pytest-2.8.13
collected 4 items

Module14\test_allureDemo.py Enter variable 1 : 3
Enter variable 2 : 2
the Output is : 5
Enter variable 1 : 2
Enter variable 2 : 4
the Output is : -2
Enter variable 1 : 5
Enter variable 2 : 6
the Output is : 30
Enter variable 1 : 25
Enter variable 2 : 5
the Output is : 125

============================== warnings summary ===============================
C:\Users\prabha\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\lib\site-packages\_pytest\mark\structures.py:327: PytestUnknownMarkWarning: Unknown pytest.mark.run - is this a typo? You can register custom marks to avoid this warning - for details, see https://docs.pytest.org/en/latest/mark.html

-- Docs: https://docs.pytest.org/en/latest/warnings.html
======================== 4 passed, 1 warning in 34.65s ========================



screen shot attached for windows powershell







09914040666 Replied on 20/07/2020


It seems like your reports are in Allure_reports folder, while converting it into HTML reports you should be out of that folder. So use command "cd\" to move out of folder and then give command "allure serve folder_name"

M Prabhaharan Replied on 20/07/2020

Thanks sejal

i have moved my file to new folder and executed the report, but in report screen it displays as "Allure Report Unknown"

screen shot attached

09914040666 Replied on 21/07/2020


I request you to delete all the exisiting reports in any folder you have kept it. Choose a new location and give the same in the eclipse settings for report generation, then go to the location choosen for report generation. Look for the reports are generated or not. If the reports are generated then on the powershell give command "allure serve folder_name".

Location on powershell window should be out of the folder where reports are generated like

for eg: My reports are generated at location : D:/Eclipse/Reports

so my powershell location should be D:/Eclipse and i will give command like allure serve Reports.


Do not shift the reports generated to another location later on it as it may create confusion while generating HTML reports.