Requesting to add few videos about interview question which was asked in selenium with python? | Selenium Python Forum
naveen Posted on 13/08/2020

1) Was asked about sauce labs how did i used in the selenium automation ?

2) how do you check if all the elements are display in correct positions? he expects checking that y-axis should be same and x-axis varies?

3) It would be great if you can cover some real time interview questions ? I lost my confidence so much?

4) how do you check if a particular logo has been disaplayed correctly?

Ashish Thakur Replied on 19/08/2020


1) Sauce labs can be integated with Selenium. Not everyone uses and very projects actually use it. Its very vast to cover and so we have not included it.

2) We have shown how to check x and y coordinates of an element in the videos. You can make a custom function for this as well

3) Logo display can be checked easily with x and y coordinates. If you want to check the image internals then Selenium cannot do it and you will have to use java imaging API

4) We will be adding videos on interview questions as well


I am not sure why people ask these type of questions in interview. Selenium is for functional automation. All automation tools are basically for functional automation. They are not used to check colors and alignment of elements.