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Nitika Posted on 17/01/2021

Hi, I have followed your videos and have completed 8th video of validate login.

One thing I want to ask if I want to validate login using valid email/invalid password, invalid email/invalid password, valid password like this I want to create some scenarios

So how I can test this, do I have to create validate login func in base class? Or have to do in test_login 

I want when I run these invalid steps then my script should not failed but it should report me that login failed because of this reason , 

Currently if I am passing valid email n invalid password then still it's passing my test case. 

So I could not understand how to perform all these scenarios as we used to do in manual testing.

Please help

Thanks in advance

09914040666 Replied on 19/01/2021


If you just want to report the rsult of login, then you can avoid using assert statement in the functions made. If you wish you may also make a separate function in base class. 

Nitika Replied on 19/01/2021


Ok I will try it, but not sure I will be able to do this or not like validating invalid username/password e,messages,as when I tried to pass email field as blank then was getting the timeout error, but will try again

But it's my request to add such negative test cases atleast  for login module in this framework as while working on company project we have to automate negative test cases as well.


09914040666 Replied on 19/01/2021

Sure we will update this soon.


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