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Rula Pattnaik Posted on 22/12/2019


In Hybrid framework in chapter 12 , the integration of selenium and jenkin recording is not finished and video got completed . The explanation is not clear at all . Is it possible to set up a doubt clearing session please ? Thanks.

Rula Pattnaik Replied on 30/01/2020

in module 24, hybrid framework, in part 12 , the video is completed without explaining selenium code integration in jenkin . can you please provide reponse at earliest as this issue is raised long back already


Ashish Replied on 19/02/2020

We are looging into this

Ashish Replied on 20/02/2020

We are working on this

Ashish Replied on 14/03/2020

We have made the video

This will be deployed on Monday morning IST by 12 noon.


Sambhav Puri Replied on 17/06/2020

Its still unclear. The video finished after 6 minutes and part 13 didnt covered Jenkins. Also, could you explain:

1) what will be in environment variable path under Manage Jenkins if we are not using localhost

2) grid run through Jenkins

3) allure reports through Jenkins

4) jenkins pipeline script when working with nodes/agent/slave

Jaspreet Replied on 16/07/2020


We are currently working on frameworks only to improve them. Soon we will providing you with the full detailed modules for Github and Jenkins integration and GRID also. Once they are uploaded notifications will be released. Kindly please wait for sometime we are doing it on priority.