UNEXPECTED POP UP IS APPEARING WHILE WORKING ON MY PROJECT !!!! Looking forward to hear from you at the earliest. | Selenium Python Forum
Raj Posted on 06/10/2019

Hi Sejal, Riya,

There is an unexpected popup is appearing on my application, this is kind of radom popup.

Some times in Login screen it appears and after login also. This is kind of suery popup and after filling the 3 fileds then saying OK , it disppear.

How to handle this type of popup and can you please help me and suggest how to write a saparate function for this.

Note (I cant share the web url becouse it is hosted in locally)

PS: This requirement is from client side sice i asked devloper to disable this but this is mandatary for app.

Looking forward to hear from you at the earliest



Jaspreet Replied on 19/10/2019

Is the pop up appearing based on some pattern like after x, y,z pages randomly?

Is this pop-up a must to fill up each time appears or can be closed down as soon as it appears?

based on the behaviour, on which step it appears, a logic needs to be put in place to handle it.

Try running the flow manually for a few times to understand the behaviour of the pop-up. then the code to be implemented to deal with it.